​The products we offer

With the use of our creative 3D visualization skills and VR design; we help you visualize, communicate and experience your buildings online.


​ Online 3D Model

Communicate your building from all perspectives in 360.

Still image

A first draft of your vision in high resolution 3D; to help you start the visualization process of your building idea.


Sun Study

Create an interactive sun study for your future house, so you can experience your design responding to the sun at all different times of the day.


Interactive Rotation

Instead of having different cameras from different angles for your design. Now you have a fully interactive 360-degree rotation.


​Virtual Reality

Roam around in your building, explore its dimensions, connect with it and feel its space in VR

​UVR Building ID

Merging the human and the technical aspects of a building in a high value digital tool; UVR Building ID.

This tool will help you gather all the information of your building such as architectural drawings, different design concepts, different material sets and other relevant info in one place; in one window.

Communicating your building has never been smarter

​​ Apartment Finder

With the Apartment Finder, we have created an interactive sales tool to give the home buyer the best possible understanding of their investment. In the Bostadsväljare, you as a investor/broker can easily communicate your project by directly looking at which apartments are available/reserved/sold and by clicking on an apartment, get all information about the apartment as description, pictures and building information.

​​You can use this in any device